Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rolling News Channel Refuses To Show Paris Hilton

A testy TV news editor has taken the high road by refusing to allow his 24 hour rolling news channel from broadcasting news about Paris Hilton being released then re-imprisoned.

Despite this, on air anchors have been filling their void of news with bluster about how 'outraged any decent citizen should be about this wall to wall coverage of non-news'. That comment from HYWS TV anchor Mitch Dakota.

HYWS is keen to point out that it is going to broadcasting a special about how the news media shouldn't be giving airtime and column inches to Paris Hilton's jailtime this evening from 7/8 eastern for two hours.

To make sure no one misses anything, it will do an updated edition of the show tomorrow morning to compete with the breakfast shows.

Tell The Truthiness ; Did Paris Hilton have someone lean on someone to get the release? If she did they can't be very persuasive, she wasn't free for very long.

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