Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Albania Loves Bush ; Maybe As Much As They Love His Watch

Yes, we know we didn't really see President Bush's watch get stolen when he was on a walkabout, having praised heaped on him by the people of Albania, but it just seem so funny to start with.

As reported, Mr Bush took off his watch and placed it in his pocket. No watch stolen, No story.

Can we be so sure?

Why, in the middle of a big public event would the President be more concerned with taking his watch off?

Did he get bought a new strap for it, is it made from the pelt of something Dick Cheney's recently shot? A congressional democrat? Maybe alligator hide, maybe he's allergic.

Tell The Truthiness ; Wasn't it more fun when we thought his watch has been lifted, lets hope Tony Snow announces tomorrow that it did actually get stolen and they're planning to carpet bomb Albania.

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