Thursday, June 28, 2007

Doing A Double Negative Leads To Proof Positive For Bush

So the subpoenas issued to try and overcover the murky dealings to do with the attorneys debacle have been rejected by the White House, they used that old chestnut ; Executive Privilege.

Guessing then that President Bush will remain consistent and do, or maybe already has done the same to the new set that were issued yesterday to dig into the phonetapping conducted post-Septembr 11th. Interestingly, many have already made it clear that this form of surveillance is illegal. Not in the difficult, takes a team of lawyers to uncover some obscure footnote from several decades ago. It's covered by some amendment or other. Does the White House remember what those are?

Tell The Truthiness ; Next they'll be using Executive Privilege to push in front of you in the queue at the grocery store, any excuse is ok now.

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