Tuesday, June 19, 2007

War On Reality Part 16 ; No-One & Everyone To Blame For Iran Sailors

Just to confirm, if anyone was still wondering, no-one has been found to blame for the mess (what else would best describe it?) of the British Navy personnel held by Iran in March.

The UK Defence Secretary Des Browne said, in perfect political fudge language while talking about allowing the freed sailors to sell their stories, that there had been a ''collective failure of judgment'', that's one of the few parts of the report released to the public.

To protect current soldiers, in the Gulf area, the report is to remain classified. This is the same tactic the government uses to give out scant details about alleged terrorist plots. ''We can tell you the really scary details, but not all of it, because we don't want to scare you too much, by the way, don't have nightmares''. You know the type of thing.

Tell The Truth ; If the government were to put up their hands and say they made a total hash of the entire situation and were even suspected of hijacking it to ratchet up anti-Iranian feelings, then they may gain more respect and perhaps some trust from the public.

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