Sunday, June 03, 2007

War On Reality Part 15 ; Bush Warms The Place Up For The Next Pres

In a flurry of conversion, not unlike that of some biblical Damascus, many heralded President Bush's announcement of much activity by the US federal government as a turning point for policy on global warming.

Try reading into it first before giving him a sainthood.

He emphasized the talks with other nations, indeed he named India and China, as those with growing emissions. So are we to take that he's going to say to them, 'do as I say, not as I do'?

He says he wants to reverse global warming by 2008, which will be just as he's picking a renta van to move out the White House and away to somewhere we will glad to see him, away from government, indeed most would be pleased to just see Laura baby-proof the White House, keep him causing more damage.

Tell The Truthiness ; He doesn't care about global warming, he's made that clear since 2000, why should he change his tune now? He's basically saying, 'I haven't really done anything, don't remember I had scientists papers altered to not include the words global and warming and the next person will have to do the difficult things to halt this, but if I do what my advisors have said, I won't look quite as bad as some think. If I look busy, I'll fool some of the folk.'

Those polar bears know where you live Mr Bush and they could be armed.

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