Sunday, June 24, 2007

Keeping America Safe Is The Number 1 Priority ; Unless It's Just Too Much Effort

You'd imagine that nearly six years after the waking up of the United States to it's unfit border entry requirements that a safe and efficent system would now be in place. Well you'd be wrong, and it's going to be like that for a whole twelve months more.

New rules were due to be effective from January 1st 2008 stating any US citizen returning by land or sea would require a passport to gain entry. But because of the mountain of applications, the Department Of Homeland Security has pushed back this rule to 'Summer 2008'.

It must be difficult when you announce a rule, then when people try and comply with it you don't estmate the administration needed to meet those needs. All you need to do is take the US population, minus those with passports, and those who on average do not travel abroad and you have your number.

Tell The Truthiness ; As the Department's website says, 'Preserving our freedoms, protecting America ... we secure our homeland...sorry about the backlog, but we really can't be assed to pay the overtime'.

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