Monday, July 16, 2007

BV For Bush Vendetta?

Well, with the searching that's been going on for actual reason behind the invasion of Iraq, this one seems to have popped up and missed everyone's radar; it's all about revenge.

George W Bush is reported to have been overheard by Senator Tom Daschle, who then relayed the story to a radio talk show host that the reason for going after Saddam and into Iraq ; it was revenge for the assassination attempt made on his father by Iraq.

Tell The Truthiness ; People tend to try and kill you when you're the leader of a country, ask anyone who's had an attempt made on their life. Seems a bit severe to us, don't you think?

3618 US forces deaths so far, all for one failed murder attempt. Is this the reason Mr Bush?


akromatika said...

Blue tie, red tie: the American political spectrum all in one photo!

Xakkd said...


mockney said...

On that thought, you reminded me of the day that Tony Blair departed office, I found a picture of him and the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown, take a look at the new post.

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