Sunday, July 08, 2007

It Might Rain A Year From Today ; UK Scare Tactics Rolled Out

The usually unflinching Brits are going through an interesting time right now as a new era is being moulded by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Since the failed car bombings, the urge to remain 'on alert' has been a non-stop story.

Now the UK's security minster Sir Alan West has said the fight against this terrorism could last 15 years.

Tell The Truthiness ; You shouldn't make sweeping generalisations like this. You may cite it as being 'honest and open' to citizens, but it gets hijacked by areas of government and the media and used to scare the population out of their wits. Tomorrow forces may leave Iraq and begin diplomacy with those fighting the coalition. Then again, it might not happen, but predicting the future in this fashion is a dangerous thing.

As Bush and Mission Accomplished can show, running things to a timetable isn't always the best way to operate.

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