Thursday, July 05, 2007

War On Reality Part 19 ; Someone Must Believe The Words He Throws Out

In his 4th Of July speech, Mr Bush did just what you've come to expect him to, related the war in Iraq to another war, which had different intentions and was grounded to a different place in time.

He related the US war of independence to that of the invasion of Iraq, just like he's compared it to the second world war and all conflicts in between. He said the enemy being fought in Iraq was the same that attacked the US on 9/11 and for the same reasons.

The second world war would have happened if the US had got involved or not, indeed, it had been going for a while before they joined in. Its clear Iraq would still be pretty stable if the invasion hadn't happened, plus Saddam would not have launched WMDs, unless he bought them from us in the meantime.

Some of those attacking coalition (does it count as a coalition with just two parties?) forces are no doubt Iraq citizens who've had enough of the occupation and quite rightly just want their country back.

Tell The Truthiness ; If five years of a war is not 'early' to exit it, then what do you deem a short war Mr Bush, twenty years?

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