Friday, July 06, 2007

Hope For Golden Days Of Dissent, Remember The Midterms?

The former Bush loyalists that keep throwing themselves clear of the crashing bus haven't had praise for very long as they really need to oppose the President's plan by coming up with one of their own.

This is something that seems to have escaped most of them up until now.

But, there does seem to be something they could latch onto.

Remember the Iraq Study Group Report? New Mexico Republican Sen. Pete V. Domenici is bringing up a bill which would have the power to implement the recomendations of the ISGR. The same man we blogged about earlier on is coming up with an alternative to the Bush 'lets keep going for as long as we can' policy.

Tell The Truthiness ; Do you have a copy of the report Mr Bush, have ours, we can courier it if you like?

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