Saturday, July 07, 2007

Case On Secret Spying Dismissed Because Its A, Shhh, Secret

In a stunningly stupid example of the way domestic surveillence has extended post 9/11, the wiretapping case had been rejected on a technicality this evening.

In a nutshell, because wiretapping is supposed to be covert, you therefore cannot prove it goes on, they won't tell you outright, then you have nothing to bring a case against, because you have no evidence.

Yes, it's that simple, that stupid and that foolish. And yes, we're thinking that same thought as you.

Tell The Truthiness ; Perhaps Bush could class the whole of the War On Terror as covert, then if anyone does try to impeach him, or bring any legal action to his door, it will get thrown out because it was 'supposed to be our secret'. Really though, we shouldn't go putting ideas into his head.

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