Wednesday, July 11, 2007

War On Reality Part 23 ; Chertoff Gets His Security News From The Gut

Possibly being used as a smokescreen against all the bad news, possibly being used to boost the profile of his dangerously understaffed department or for any other stupid reason, Michael Chertoff has cited a terrorist attack this summer on the US, with no evidence whatsoever.

The worst thing about this new threat* is that he hasn't pretended or talked up flimsy evidence, he's gone one better, he's said that there is no evidence, but that he has a ''gut feeling''.

Tell The Truthiness ; We have a gut feeling that Chertoff is an idiot and shouldn't be in charge of Homeland Security, you really should believe us though, because it's in our gut, so it MUST be true.

* please use an english to truthiness dictionary for the truthiness language definition of this word.

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