Saturday, July 07, 2007

War On Reality Part 21 ; Thompson's Fictional Watergate Whistleblowing?

Someone's suddenly researched deep enough to have read Senator Thompson's memoir about the Nixon fall from grace and found a clue that's rather at odds with his crusading, self-styled, independent image in the public eye.

The former Die Hard 2 actor, who played Washington Dulles Chief Air Traffic Controller Mr Trudeau, actually tipped off the White House before the famed questioning the following day happened.

Tell The Truthiness ; It shows how far things have come, back during Watergate no-one knew about the wiretapping, until they got caught and the whole thing was exposed. Now, if everyone knows you're wiretapping and some in government make it public, you can't be taken to court, because its really a secret and no-ones meant to know.

How things progress, justice (or just-ish as Stephen Colbert would put it) in America.

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