Sunday, July 01, 2007

War On Reality Part 17 ; Keeping You Informed & Scaring The Crap Out Of You About UK Car Bombs

Despite the car fire at Glasgow Airport yesterday afternoon and the failed, we emphasis the word, failed car bombing in London on Friday morning, none of this has kept some areas of the media from taking the story and running with it until it resembles something entirely different from the bare facts.

Firstly it was alleged the cars in London was packed with explosives. The vehicles, we are told, contained cans of petrol, the first one having between two and five cannisters of propane and butane gas and nails to inflict injury (rather like the IRA bombs from the UK mainland campaign through the 70s and 80s). The petrol was actually evaporating, that was the smoke which made people notice the vehicles in the first place. so the longer the fuel vapourised, the less 'explosives' there were to explode. The cars had two mobile phone triggers, one of the cars have been rang twice, to detonate them, which both calls failed to achieve.

But, what isn't being reported much is that neither vehicle contained an oxidiser, which is vital for such a device to explode.

Secondly, a bomb disposal team member 'risked his life' to diffuse the bomb and is being hailed a hero by media. But if they couldn't have exploded, then why is this being furthered?

Thirdly, 'this has all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda' is being repeated constantly. Media outlets continue though to say this is probably connected to 'international terrorism', but the only organisation that keeps getting talking about is al-Qaeda.

Fourthly, if this has all the hallmarks, then why have all three supposed attacks failed? The Glasgow aiport jeep fire had no explosives in it. The attackers had the good sense to get one of themselves burnt, and arrested.

Fifth, 'there was no specific intelligence of an attack like this', wrong, The Times newspaper has reported that nightclubs in the UK were warned two weeks ago about them being targets for attacks.

Tell The Truthiness ; These people had the style to buy or steal a Mercedes, but not to fine-tune their bombmaking ability. Doesn't really sound like an effective, shadowy international organisation does it? You would imagine the bombs had actually exploded by the way this story is being reported by some media outlets, which they DID NOT!

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