Sunday, March 25, 2007

42 Words And Several Dozen More We Should Have Checked First

The truthiness blog has to make corrections to the previous story headlined here last night, as corrected by 'Anonymous' that the comparison Ms Rice made was the post war reconstruction situation in Iraq and that in Germany.

Plus the resolutions made for the Declaration of War vs. Authorization for Use of Force in these two very separate conflicts.

But there is one thing we have to uphold here, our stupidness is our own, and not due to being misinformed by Keith Olbermann's MSNBC Countdown. Our inability to understand the story fully is why we got it wrong and not due to listening to an anchorman reporting the news.

Indeed, 'but you get your news from Olbermann' as Anonymous says, we do, but we also get our news from around a half a dozen other sources.

Lets hope you keep things fair and balanced by going after those who only get their 'news' from Fox News.

To paraphrase, 'idiots'.

The truthiness blog says ; We're just excited someone's left a comment!

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