Saturday, March 10, 2007

Goldilocks, Bush And The Three Bears

With President Bush continuing his South America tour, arriving in Uruguay today and being greeted by lots of friendly folk . However, with the President trying to convince us of his move toward greener credentials, a what was hoped backward way of controlling the news cycle has reared its ugly head.

A memo leaked from the US Department of the Interior talks about 'sensitivities' discussing climate changes with countries that border the Arctic.

Specifically it says they will refuse to talk about arctic ice, climate change or polar bears.

That's right, George Bush is scared not just of pretzels, but polar bears.

Perfectly reasonable we suppose, as when those bears that haven't died due to their shrinking habitat realise that Bush has done not a thing to help them, they'll be marching up Pennsylvania Avenue for a, well, 'chat'.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; But will he talk about the porridge the three bears ate?

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