Friday, March 02, 2007

Paris Blackout Fails ; News Bombers Hit Target

They tried, we tried, even CNN tried (and you know how entertainment stories are as common as muck on that network) but they all failed.

It wasn't a news embargo on a sensitive new leg of the US government's Iraq strategy (using strategy in the most loose of its meaning), ooh no.

It was a self-emposed news blackout on stories to do with Paris Hilton.

The girl got caught infringing a traffic law and the AP didn't report the story. Until now that is.

The AP held out for a week, then like a smoker standing round a group of indulgent nicotine happy friends, it breathed deeply for a long-self satisfying drag at 0924 this morning and told us all what it had (or more accurately, hadn't been) getting up to.

Reaction to the blackout was mostly positive, people for a shortwhile forgot who she was and went back to living their own lives and had a margin of concern for people dying in dangerous spots round the World.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; No Paris Hilton? That's Hot!

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