Saturday, March 24, 2007

42 Words Secretary Rice Should Have Thought Twice About Saying

Yes, Secretary Of State, Condoleezza Rice compared Hitler to Saddam Hussein.

Yes, she did and yeah, we're thinking the same as you.

Hitler invaded most of Europe, sent millions of people to their death, tried to get rid of an entire race of people, supressed free speech and killed himself.

Saddam tried to invade his neighbour, failed, retreated, then was LEFT, LEFT by the US and UK for thirteen years, contained by sanctions, with the UN keeping a continuing eye on him and his gradual running down of his country, while at the same time persecuting of his own people, then we decided to take him out on a false justification, wrapping the flag of nation building around our action as the truth came to light.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Miss Rice, there is no comparison between the two, the only similarity being the wide gulf between your take on reality and the actual one the rest of the World inhabits.

Your reality stands on a huge, unstable foundation of truthiness.


Anonymous said...

Actually, genius, she was comparing the postwar situation in Germany to the postwar situation in Iraq, and the "resolutions" (Declaration of War vs. Authorization for Use of Force) for both situations. But you get your news from Olbermann.


Friends don't let friends listen to Olbermann.

mockney said...

Thank you for the correction, I'll check my facts better in the future. I apologise.

Thank goodness for free speech.


Idiot (Mockney)

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