Thursday, March 29, 2007

Money Story Fills Blank Pages, Again!

In a desperate attempt to fill column inches yesterday, on Wednesday a slow news day this week, some rival publications ran stories that are, well, not new news.

That old chestnut fleshed out several pages inside the money supplements of our broadsheets and tabloids on the 'death of cash' in favour of plastic credit and debit cards.

The truthiness blog can reveal a yearly calender of seasonal stories that you'll always see or hear when the real news becomes, well, less than paper thin.

These are.

- Exams are getting easier.

- Our streets are getting more dangerous.

- The death of cash (on a six month rotation).

- Red wine is bad for you.

-Red wine is good for you.

-Red wine is sooo unfashionable this year.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; We know this is true, we report them ourselves when we want a day off!

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