Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Navy Lark ; Iran Style

With the British government squirming uncomfortably over 15 service personnel being held In Iran after allegedly straying into Iranian waters, it begs the question ; how would the US have reacted if the same thing had happened to some of their own military forces?

Perhaps we would right now be having sweets, flowers and mortars being thrown toward tanks in Tehran?

Or maybe President Bush might have been restrained, not exclusively by those people in white coats, but by someone with a handle on foreign affairs who would say it's dangerous to make any steps toward escalation?

Someone like Condoleezza Rice perhaps, she is the Secretary Of State after all?

No, not her, she compared Saddam Hussein to Adolf Hitler, so her character assessment of leaders can't be too hot.

The Truthiness Blog ; Thank goodness this happened to the British, the alternative is too worrying to think of.

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