Monday, March 05, 2007

Uncouth Coulter Becomes Downright Dangerous

You've probably seen it, possibly more than once and still we still can't understand what we heard.

That's right, the far right commentator Ann Coulter (she's so right wing she could come all the way round to the left wing if she's not more careful) was making a speech about the prospective US Presidential candidates for 2008. When getting round to John Edwards (the Democrat who ran as John Kerry's Vice President candidate in 2004) she said, well, take a look.

For those out of the loop, she was referring to the on set spat on the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy , which resulted in one of the cast members seeking counseling for reportedly calling a fellow actor a faggot.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Ann, you're waaaayyyy out there, indeed, you're the mayor of 'out there'!

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