Saturday, March 24, 2007

Don't You Know This Story Repeats Itself?

With Capitol Hill swirling from the gust of scandal after the firing of several US attorneys . We all know the Bush administration's fondness for repetition when wishing to make something true or make other people believe their own self imagined reality. But that solid technique of this government has been spun out. Just one phrase this week has become overused.

'' They serve at the pleasure of the President'', that remark about those now job-seeking attorneys has been cut and pasted from an episode of the West Wing. Unlike Aaron Sorkin's superbly written alternate reality of government, this phrase isn't being uttered by the attorneys themselves, but by their superiors.

Keeping the entertainment theme to the story, perhaps the Bush administration begins every morning with the tagline phrase from that benchmark of horror films, Last House On The Left (the original),

'' Keep repeating; it's only a movie'', its only a government, it's not real.

Well actually Mr Bush, the trail you continue to leave across your country and across the World gets wider and more messy and it is real, all too real for many of us.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Guess who has to pick up the pieces when you've gone? Anyone got a trash bag?

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