Tuesday, March 20, 2007

UK To Lead US Into The Sweet Smell Of Fresh Air?

Last week the UK unveiled a draft climate change bill , due to be passed into law within the year. Unlike the average bill being passed by a country, this piece of legislation has the power to change the face of the UK and, be a catalyst for change throughout the developed and developing World.

The bill proposes the setting of legally binding carbon emission cuts, with the power for future governments to be taken to court for missing targets.

The UK has a staggering target to cut C02 emissions 60 % by 2050. Meanwhile in the US President Bush has made much news out of tighter fuel efficiency by automobile manufacturers.

Much has been made of the way, especially since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, that the UK has consistently gone along with whatever the US has proposed under the guise of keeping us safe. The latest example of this 'rolling over' is the UK government's push to agree early a replacement for the UK nuclear defence Cruise missile system. This is despite deep divisions which have shown themselves in public with high profile resignations over the relevance of a system designed to protect from attack by Russia.

There have been hints that the much anticipated handover from Prime Minister Tony Blair to the Chancellor Gorden Brown, tipped for this summer, could bring a cooling in the relationship across the pond.

Maybe the UK before the year is out could push the US toward a 'tipping point' on climate change?

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