Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blair Goes & Takes The Bad News With Him

With the UK getting use to Tony Blair moving into the background in the next few weeks, accusations have been levelled at the timing of a release of Home Office news on the same day.

The details about another cost increase of the UK ID cards scheme, jumping by £400million to a total scheme cost of £5.31billion was released on the same day as the PM's departure date became public.

Claims have been made this was deliberately timed to be 'buried' by the Blair news which received wall-to-wall coverage in the UK when it broke at around midday on Thursday.

The identity card scheme has been deemed wasteful, costing billions and not doing anything to reduce the risk of terrorism.

Tell The Truthiness ; This scheme gets more expensive each time its mentioned and pushed back as the roll out date is reviewed. When will the UK government realised that no-one wants this at all? Do you really imagine terrorists are cancelling plans because they've heard about the cards and are thinking '' oh, we can't get passed these cards, look they're laminated, we've got no chance of success.'', it's not very likely.

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