Sunday, May 06, 2007

Florida 2000 In Scotland ; Anyone Want A Whiskey?

In marked contrast to Florida's palm trees and balmy temperatures, Scotland has more in common with it's American state neighbour than you might think.

Following the Scottish Parliament elections last week, controversy surrounds the results amid 81,000 spoilt ballot papers. The layout used on certain papers may have meant people only voted once when they should have selected two candidates. This is due to the ballot paper containing local government elections and national parliament voting options.

The Scottish National Party, who gained mass ground in the results, have begun to sound oddly like Florida Republicans in the days after the 2000 US elections in which 'hanging chads' and 'swinging chads' had to be individually checked by hand to determine the intention of the voters. '' I am not sure that anybody in Scotland now wants to see a protracted legal challenge'' , commented the SNP's deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon.

In the Cunninghame North ward that's disputed, the Labour party lost to the SNP by 48 votes, with some votes being brought over from a nearby island by boat, which then broke down, there have been reports of some of those ballot papers being wet after the journey. In the same electoral ward, 1000 ballot papers were deemed 'spoiled'. Smell fishy?

The Truthiness Blog Says ; With 81,000 spoiled papers the equivalent to the turnout of three entire constituencies and the deputy of the leading party saying its hurting democracy to challenge what happened you get the strong whiff of Florida 2000. From there it's a short hop, skip and jump to getting a leader who wasn't elected and invading countries for sport. Otherwise before you know it Donald Rumsfeld will be in charge telling you that carpet bombing London is the best thing to do.

Wake up Scotland!

Maybe the French should recount, you just never know these days.

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