Saturday, May 19, 2007

Little Jimmy Goes For All The Mini-He's ; Blair & Bush

In a rare example of former Presidents restraining their opinions and views post-office, Jimmy Carter has fired a double broadside at Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George Bush over Iraq.

While on a book tour, promoting a publication about Palestine, President Carter said that UK support, by Tony Blair, for the US led campaign in Iraq had worsen the US in World opinion and standing.

He also was critical of President Bush for having 'zero peace talks' in Israel.

Tell The Truthiness ; Any other former Presidents or World leaders want to stand against US/UK policy in Iraq, then the coalition will be out totally on its own, oh but there's always someone like, Sweden, in the 'Coalition Of The Willing'? Correction needed.

If you can write in and tell us who the other countries in coalition with the US and UK, you get a mention!

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