Saturday, May 26, 2007

US Iraq Policy Spin Floods Onto National TV, At Last

Past the obvious onair spate between Rosie and Elisabeth on ABC's The View, which came to the fore this week, there's an underlying factor to this.

The discussion was about Iraq and whether we paint a whole group of people we just don't like as 'evil' and lump them as 'terrorists'. So actually, this discussion was vital to national debate, since it seems to be clearly missing from the main national networks and is only found shunted to late night comedy shows like The Daily Show and Real Time.

Tell The Truthiness ; However much you may side with Rosie or Elisabeth on the personal spate, this discussion needs to break into the mainstream media and become a daily occurence for the sake of raising the level of debate and holding government to account on the failed and deceitful Iraq invasion.

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