Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wolfie Paul Broke Rules - What Happens Now? Does He lose His Cheap Rate Mortgage?

With the saga of Paul Wolfowitz, who awarded his girlfriend a job promotion and pay rise, continuing, it has emerged he broke rules. World Bank executives deemed his actions a 'conflict of interest' and said he'd broken the Bank's code of conduct and the conditions of his own contract.

Mr Wolfowitz is next to appear before a 24 member panel in Washington who will determine his fate.

They can sack him, or to a lesser extent deem they have a lack of confidence in his leadership.

As expected, he has received the full backing of many senior figures in Washington, including Dick Cheney, US Vice President.

To Tell The Truthiness ; When senior Bush staff give you their 'full support' or 'confidence' that usually means you're about to fall from a great high, brace yourself, the Wolf's at the door.

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