Monday, May 28, 2007

War On Reality Part 13 ; Iran, Friend & Foe, Take Your Pick

You could be forgiven for assuming from today's high-level, once in a generation, while stocks last Dick Cheney on the deck of the USS Stennis meeting between Iran and the US, that relations have thawed somewhat.

If you take the positive news from the first meeting of it's type in thirty years, then it could be said US/Iranian attitudes were closer than they'd been for several decades. Mr Ryan Crocker, the US envoy, said the talks had proceeded "positively" and there had been broad agreement for a "secure, stable, democratic, federal Iraq in control of its own security, at peace with its neighbours".


On the other hand...

But, if you look at Dick Cheney on the deck of the USS Stennis and the saber-rattling that went with his speech with the huge military hardwear being bulit up in the Gulf, then you could think you were a scud-missile short of a full scale air and land attack.

Tell The Truthiness ; What would the US make of the Iranians if they began to do the same two-faced type of diplomacy? Probably condemn President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and move those warships further up the coast. Cheney, make sure you know which hymn sheet you're singing from.

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