Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Prince & The Platoon

After all the debate, threats (we've been told) and lots of pictures of royalty in army formal dress it's been decided that Prince Harry will not go to Iraq.

Harry, third in line to the UK throne, had said he would leave the Army if he wasn't allowed to go to Iraq. But it was deemed too dangerous to send him as several threats included killing or kidnapping which if occurring, would have led to an unraveling of UK policy in that country.

Argument had tired over the past few weeks that either he isn't sent as he's a successor to the monarch or that there's no reason to spare Iraq from his military record and should go out there.

One aspect of the whole discussion that was not touched on by the mainstream media was that if he was sent, additional troops would 'double-up' in a sense, to provide protection for the Prince. Parents of troops, one of whom was spoken to by the Truthiness Team expressed despair as to the justification for sending their son as a shield for Harry, its not as if being in a war zone isn't dangerous enough without that extra duty to deal with.

To Tell The Truthiness ; If there were 'unacceptable risks' in sending him, then surely sending any troops to Iraq (no matter who their father or grandmother is) has 'unacceptable risks' and needs urge revaluation.
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