Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bush Promises To Keep Iraq Policy On Mars With It's Fingers In Its Ears

Today President Bush is expected to veto the war funding bill when it is presented to him by Congress.

He has however assured us that he DOES want to work with both Republicans and Democrats to come up with something that we all agree on in a 'positive' way.

There's been little positive coming out of Iraq recently, with even the news that eight out of seven reconstruction projects have failed. Many have been done to a substandard, with clinical waste possibly contaminating local water supplies in one case.

Where infrastructure projects are attacked, the number of these attacks has gone down. However those attacks which still take place cause more damage and are more disruptive. So it's almost six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Winning or losing in Iraq is no longer relevant or helpful, it comes, whether its today or yet further ahead in the future, down to giving power to deal with their own affairs to Iraq. We can put it off for as long as President Bush likes, but the current policy just isn't working.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; There may be intelligent life on Mars , there's probably less chance of it existing in the White House.

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