Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Iraq Reality ; In Shades Of Black, White, Grey & Brown?

With Iraq being spoken of by George Bush as some kind of moral, even religious Crusade, the discussion about pulling out has moved on in the UK, by the man due to take the place of Tony Blair in a month's time.

The current Chancellor, Gordon Brown, due to take the PM's seat in No.10 at the end of next month has been forewarned by Labour party members that the policy of the UK in Iraq could cast a shadow over the party and country.

Mr Brown himself has said that mistakes were made and Iraq has been a divisive issue for the country as a whole.

When questioned on whether the UK would support military action against Iran, he answered by saying that the country wants a peaceful solution to the issues being discussed.

So in all but name, Britain has said it wouldn't go into Iran. OK, it did come from the man who isn't YET in charge, so maybe his outlook on that might change when he takes the big job in June.

Tell The Truthiness ; We all know that heading into office can change opinions, remember George saying '' I don't think the United States has to go around the World telling people 'this is how it's got to be ' ''. Don't burn those 'Can't we all just get along?' , peace banners just yet.

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