Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ron Paul, 9/11 & Media Smears & Jeers

With Fox News smearing Ron Paul as nuts to suggest that 9/11 needs to be properly investigated (despite the fact more money was spent investigating the Columbia Shuttle Disaster and that evidence given by senior Bush officials, including the President was carried out in secret) and CNN taking the discussion to the 'adults talking' stage by asking how US Foreign policy may have fuelled the cause of 9/11 it seems the media has once again become polarised, with no happy medium. Not forgetting that gem of fair and balanced opinion, Elisabeth Hasselbeck on ABC's The View.

Fox News needs to be aware it is smearing and misreporting the possible future blueprint for Republican reinvention after the 'it's my way or no way' attitude of Bush and the last seven years of nightmares. CNN and other networks need to take on tough questions, like asking how foreign policy by the US can lead to blowback, be that 9/11 or something smaller.

History tells us everything is connected, no matter how big or small.

If, as some have said, 'there is no reasoning with terrorists, they're just nuts', extends worldwide then they must have been deaf and blind to the restarting of self-government by Northern Ireland a few weeks ago.

Maybe that ideology doesn't extend to the pre-9/11 definition of terrorist? Since 9/11, according to some, these people are out to get us no matter what we do, we have to take them out and it's that simple.

Perhaps if Fox was to get Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley in on this discussion the answers might be very telling.

Tell The Truthiness ; Discussion about foreign policy and security doesn't have to descend to a 'with us or with the terrorists' level, via a heavy bout of smears to keep people watching. Give people proper news and they just might tune in more.

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