Sunday, February 11, 2007

......And The US We All Wish Was Hidden In The Past.

We all know the policy of the US abroad, indeed against its own citizens at home come to that has been, at the least, questionable, since September 2001, but its now been cemented by comments by another superpower.

The US had, President Putin said, overstepped its borders in every way, seeking to impose its will on the world.

When your former enemy, lead by a former spy, decides to take a swipe at the way the US conducts itself in the World community, you know something's wrong.

When Russia starts having a go, calling the US out, then it's time for President Bush to take a long, hard look at the state his States are in, through his leadership.

  • Click here to see Putin's comments that all other World leaders have probably been thinking

  • The Truthiness Blog Says ; He's got until 2008, maybe he'll do some redeeming and surprise us all.

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