Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bald Britney Tries Out For Vendetta 2 Sequel

The shock and concern being made all over the media and in entertainment circles over the mental health of pop princess Britney Spears can be explained exclusively by the Truthiness Blog tonight.

Following last Friday's severe haircut in Los Angeles, fear was expressed that Britney was becoming unhinged. The truth though is that following the release of 2005's V For Vendetta, a sequel is in the works and Britney is on the shortlist to play Natalie Portman's character Evey's, stunt-double.

Rumours that she may be planning to jump from the top of the London Eye complete with parachute and 'V' mask haven't been confirmed yet.

She may yet be losing it, as that scene isn't even in the script!

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Do You Know Where You Are Britney Spears? That's Right, A Tattoo Parlour.

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