Sunday, February 11, 2007

The US We All Remember......

Yesterday Illinois Senator Barack Obama made it official his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. He made his declaration on the steps of the Old State Captiol, Springfield where President Lincoln made his famous 'divided house to stand together' speech.

Despite all the apparent hype that the media is saying is the sole reason for him being swept along, that he is young and inexperienced, there's one thing that is heavily on his side.

People like him.

They actually believe in what he talks about and the way he speaks about it.

For those outside the US and those within it's borders that have a memory that goes back further than September 2001, this is the type of US the rest of the World admires and wishes we get back to sooner rather than later.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; A President People Could Be Proud Of?

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