Friday, February 23, 2007

How To Look Stupid By 'Getting Down With The Kids'

In the UK, the opposition leader David Cameron has been photographed with a youth making a gun symbol toward him as he walks away. He was ridiculed several months ago for asking people to be more caring and compassionate, putting his case across to 'hug a hoodie'.

For non-UK readers, a hoodie is a slang term for a teenager hanging round, often in groups with their hood of a sweat-top up over their head. Its been used mostly in a derogatory way by the majority of the mainstream media.

This is the problem any politicans on the campaign trail attempting to court a youth vote, or just appear more 'with it' then their rivals, applying more and more to American politics as young become more interested in issues, but less interested in the political process.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Don't try and talk down to younger voters, you do enough of that to middle aged voters and stop trying to 'look' cool and just get on with the job.

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