Friday, February 16, 2007

Civil War? What Civil War?

The most powerful and (we assume) most well informed person in the World, President Bush said at his Valentine's Day press conference that he wasn't sure a civil war was going on in Iraq, he even said to an ABC reporter, '' you've been there, I haven't''.

He said he lives in the White House and he's not very well informed, he just goes to and from the doors of planes, helicopters, cars and buildings, smiles and gets his photo taken a lot and he reckons the people who inform him about what happens on the ground don't 'qualify' it as 'that'.

Perhaps those on the 'ground' want to 'qualify' but want to go for the 'gold', like the Olympics.

In the same way that you 'define' the phrase ' competent president'.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Of course he knows what he's doing, he's the 'President'.

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