Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tony Blair's spellchecker substitutes Iran For Iraq

Tony Blair and George Bush continue this week to deny there is any link between constant talk about '' no invasion of Iran'' and the constant sentences that include the words 'invasion', 'iraq' and 'iran'.

'' No one is talking about an invasion'' said a slightly peeved Tony Blair Tuesday lunchtime.

Indeed, no one is talking about an Iranian invasion. But two people in particular ARE talking about not invading, Tony Blair and George 'Denny Crane' Bush.

In the opinion of opinionators, its the classic 'bait and switch', promise something and then at the last minute, switch a few words round in those quotes and we'll be throwing sweets in downtown Tehran.

So watch out and if Tony or George turn up on your doorstep offering to save you money if you switch phone companies, for god sake don't sign anything.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Sell your Iranian holiday home NOW!

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