Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blair Holiday Cut Short ; Don't Get Deposit Back

The Blair family holiday at Christmas, when the Prime Minister's retreat was one of the Bee Gee's Miami homes, got cut short we were told due to mounting pressure at home.

We at the Truthiness Blog can exclusively reveal it was due to their return flight being rescheduled. The family had booked a package deal through British Airways Holidays and rather than opt for the gold package, went for the bronze option including possible changes in flight times.

The cheapness of their deal was shown on their Miami arrival when their arriving 747 on touchdown nearly missed the taxiway at Miami International Airport and almost skidded into the grass.

Rumours that Mr Blair was at the controls remain unconfirmed this evening.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; Fasten your seatbelts, there's turbulence ahead.

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