Sunday, February 04, 2007

Letter From America ; Bush's Letter Was Only The Start Of It

In a show of desperately shown pathetic force, George Bush has this weekend tried to reason with the forces causing the civil war (no, not the Department Of Defence) in Iraq by sending an open letter to Iraq's main newspaper.

Published in Sunday's edition of the Baghdad and Iraq Post, the open letter includes, according to our sources, the phrase ''why can't we all just get along?''.

The letter located on page twelve, is sandwiched next to a story about hot new oil extraction opportunities that have become available in the southern portion of Iraq.

One commentator commentated that since President Bush has the power to open any mail in the US, it was only fair that any letter the President was able to send was seen in a public forum, such as a newspaper.

Rumour that the President's letter was only included in Sunday's edition after the alleged intimate letters of Paris Hilton found in a container a fortnight ago were bought by the downmarket media whore that is the far more trashy ' Baghdad People' and left the edtior of the Baghdad and Iraq Post with a whole page to fill have been strongly denied by a reporter at the paper, Hildy Johnson.

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