Wednesday, February 28, 2007

War On Reality Part 3 ; A Question That Demands Respect

The BBC has dragged it's heals on a developing story that's become viral on the internet these past few days.

A video was posted on YouTube, BBC footage from the afternoon of 9/11 showing reporter Jane Standley standing in front of the skyline of the World Trade Center site, claiming that Building 7 of the WTC complex had collapsed BEFORE it actually did at 1720 EST.

Here's that video

The BBC Editors Blog responded to this by saying they had lost the tapes of that days events and couldn't confirm the time discrepancy. Besides they added, confusion reigned supreme on that day (forgive us BBC, but you are the World's most respected news gathering organisation, isn't this just the sort of event you should excel in covering?)

They went further to distance themselves from being considered part of the conspiracy.

End of story?

No, today a BBC News 24 (the BBC's 24 hour rolling news channel) video has been uploaded which has a datestamp clearly in the bottom left hand corner of the screen showing 2154 Greenwich Mean Time, meaning it was 1654 on the US East Coast, while the anchor, Gavin Esler announces the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building ( World Trade Center Buliding 7).

  • Here's the link to that video here

  • Both videos have gone viral all over the internet and pressure on the BBC to give a correct and detailed answer to this is growing.

    There are varied and numerous reports of foreknowledge of Building 7's imminent collapse, the most notable in the context of this story is CNN's anchor at the time, Aaron Brown who reported at 1615 EST that the building '' has collapsed or is collapsing''.

    A full hour and five minutes before it fell and it was being announced to BBC and CNN?

    The Truthiness Blog Says ; Let Us Not Tolerate These Outrageous Theories, Its Time For Answers.

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