Saturday, February 03, 2007

PM Catches Bird Flu ; Starts Thinking He's A Weatherman. Chickens Think They're The PM

With the announcement this morning that the fatal form of bird flu, strain H5N1 ( with medical officials saying that the previous strain, N4N1 being called SO last season), the first human in the UK to catch and exhibit symptoms has been revealed.

The first UK effected citizen is that famous face, the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Addressing recent controversey about the 'Cash for Peerages' police investigation, the Prime Minister made reference to periods of 'storm' and 'calm'.

Medical experts say the PM is showing symptoms showing he thinks he's a weather forecaster.

Rumours that some officials have commented that they don't need the Prime Minister to tell them when it's peeing down remain unconfirmed this lunchtime.

The Truthiness Blog Says; It's freezing out there, so do wrap up!

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