Wednesday, November 29, 2006

23rd Study This Year Tells Us We're Too Fat For Airline Seats

Causing only mild interest, compared to slight shock at the beginning of the year, this year's 23rd study which finds that air passengers are getting too fat for the seats has been published.

The study staff feel bad that they didn't work harder at the start of the year to get the results out earlier in the year when people reading the papers would actually give a damn.

'' When the warm and sunny weather arrived about mid-May, we all took the summer off, we thought this was too good to waste. Plus we're university graduates, so it's kinda a given that when there's a chance to relax from work, you take it and exploit it to it's full.'' That quote was from Anderson McDonald of University College, Washington.

He denied to confirm that next year's expected January release of a study into 'the effect of excessive studies into obvious things we already knew', may have to be pushed back to a June release if the study board get a cheap new-year group rate deal to Hawaii.

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