Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iraq Secret Plan Competition : Win That Pen!

The White House has been overwhelmed by the response to the suggestions competition on Iraq, they were so impressed they've previewed some of the ideas. Here's some facts and figures from the first bunch of entries.

43% of plans involve a total departure of all Allied forces taking 2 to 3 days.

15% said they though the UN should takeover.

12% said Saddam should be allowed to return as leader.

33% recommended the Swiss should have control. At least they'd all have good chocolate and be on time.

7% suggested we give Donald Rumsfeld a free one way ticket, it was his baby after all.

and 1% said we should 'stay the course'.

and 1% also said 'we never said stay the course'.

and another 1% said 'didn't we already fix it? Mission Accomplished wasn't it?'.

We remind you there is a 25% margin of error, thanks to our friends at Electoral Services Florida for compiling these figures.

The competition remains open, so if you have any suggestion about how to improve the Iraq situation, then do get in touch.

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