Thursday, November 16, 2006

Picky Dictator Contests Landslide Election Results

In an unprecedented move the President of the South-Central African Republic, Mufsia-Ombwabwa, has thrown out the results of his Country's election after he disagreed with them.

The tinpot dictator who has held office for 12 years after his father was mysteriously pushed off his luxury yacht on his 60th birthday party vowed that the results had been rigged by the opposition party. The results confirm that Ombwabwa's South-Central's National Party won by 101.75% of the vote, with the opposing Liberation Party gaining a significant one seat in the government with 0.25% of the votes.

Mr Ombwabwa's previous election victories have seen an average voting percentage of 104%, so this year marks a significant loss in support.

A rerun of the election will take place on Monday, but there is no need for Mr Ombwabwa's supporters to vote, just opposition voters need venture to their local polling stations to let their voices be heard.

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