Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rumsfeld Listens To Himself; Gets Bush To Give The Boot

With the Democrats taking control of the House and the Senate on a knife-edge decider, George Bush decided to distract attention by firing someone, Don Rumsfeld.

Sources refuse to confirm rumours that Bush decided to replace his Defence Secretary after a heavy night on the bottle; spin the bottle that is which he was playing with Dick Cheney.

There were early reports that as the former Secretary was talking to the President shouts of 'calm down, stand back and take a breath' were heard said by Rumsfeld. However it simply turned out to be the President reacting to discovering a spider underneath a pile of dusty and unread Presidential Daily Briefings.

The Defence Secretary's last act in office was having the spider flown to Eastern Europe for 'questioning' under the new Military Comissions Act'. Allegations that the spider was involved in terrorising Miss Muffet and her tuffet haven't been confirmed.

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