Monday, November 27, 2006

Well Timed Bug Embarassed By Hitting Berlusconi

In an Exclusive for The Truthiness Blog, the small bacterial bug which knocked Silvio Berlusconi off his podium has broken his silence.

Being interviewed at a secret Tuscany Hotel, the bug, only wishing to be identified as 'Paul' said,

' I'm so sorry for Mr Berlusconi, it just seems I hit him at totally the wrong time, it means he's now not well enough to stand trial, which I know will be cutting him up inside. He had his heart set on having his day in Court and now will have to reschedule.'

Additionally, 'Paul' told Mr Berlusconi to get lots of bed rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Rumours that 'Paul' had signed a deal for a photoshoot with US Weekly have been strongly denied.

  • See Berlusconi and 'Paul' at their last public engagement here
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