Saturday, November 25, 2006

Go Big, Go Long, Go Home ; Go Blue Jays!

Pentagon Insiders have disclosed the future plan for Iraq's strategy with simple, easy to understand English terms.

The policy is thought to consist of ;

Go Big, Go Long, Go Home.

The fact that this sounds more like a campaign phrase grates uncomfortably with the date that looms large this Thanksgiving weekend.

On Sunday, 26th November 2006, the United States of America will have been in Iraq longer than been engaged in the Second World War, 1347 days. That war was different. Very different.

This invasion, this war, has not given the World a better place to move onto, the US government, led by Mr Bush still struts around, acting like the World's overgrown policeman, assuming anyone who disagrees with it is wrong or any enemy, or both.

The America People deserve better, they know, as does the World and the people of Iraq.

Even Mr Blair went as far as he could to admit in an interview that Iraq was a disaster.

President Bush, stop saying we 'only win if we stay'.

Because we all know, we only lose if you stay.

  • MSNBC's Keith Olbermann discusses Go Big, Go Long and Go Home on the Countdown

  • You have two years left, as you say ''history will be my judge'', then prove us wrong on this mess.

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