Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bush's Stolen Purse Contained Secret Plan

The theft of President Bush's daughter's purse has taken on a bizzare political slant this evening.

It turns out the purse, which was stolen during a dinner engagement in Buenos Aires contained not just the usual lip balm, tissues, cell phone, purse, nuclear launch code switch, but also a secret treasure map.

The map, which hasn't been officially recognised by the White House, is fabled to contain details of how to get to a mystical city in the desert, fight an evil dictator, liberate the good people of the Country, find the gold that lies hidden under the surface and they'll all live happily ever after.

But, historians say a vital second page has never been discovered. This legendary second piece of the map is believed to contain details of what the treasure finders should do afterwards, including the most early example of an 'exit strategy'

Due the lack of second page, President Bush is quoted as saying about Iraq's second-phase, in private to 'winging it, flying by my pants'.

Anyone with information about this treasure map is asked to sell it on ebay. Or if you're honest, hand it back to the nearest police station.

  • Here be treasure me hearties! And that dainty purse
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